PAI RAPID RANGERS trekking and rafting team
About Us - Mam

Mam has been leading people on treks around the Pai valley and the Soppong area for the last ten years and has excellent knowledge of the local geography and the local tribal people. She also speaks excellent English and will help you out with any questions you may have.

About Us - Guy

Guy is the French technical director of what is and has been the no.1 adventure rafting operation in Thailand since 1987 and his passion and enthusiasm for rafting and the local area are two of the main reasons people enjoy the experience so much. The other being the amazingly breathtaking river routes you get to experience.

About Us - Chai

Chai is a very laid back yet highly professional individual with more than twenty years experience as a trekking and rafting guide. He will ensure that your trek or white water rafting expedition is memorable and safe.

About Us - Mike

Like Chai, Mike has more than twenty years experience of guiding and rafting here in Maehongson province and his enthusiasm for his work is infectious. His calm nature and professional attitude will be a great bonus as you are shooting the rapids!


21 stops, countless cities and my favourite has to be Pai. Thanks to Mam!! I had the most amazing time and met the most awesome people. The trek with you was the best trek i have been on. You were friendly and made the trek fun and interesting and i learnt so much from you

Nong Mam,
Great trip! At first i didn't want to go at all. Phillip actually made us all go. But i'm glad i did because i saw an amazing part of Thailand that i never would have seen otherwise. You were a great person to lead us and i hope you realise how much we appreciate all you have done

Dear Mam
Thank you for a wonderful trip. It was really great to discover another side of Thailand; beautiful landscapes, cosy villages and nice people. No wonder you have friends from all over the world as sweet, open, funny and kind as you are. You are the best!