The Cave Experience

>>> The Cave Experience <<<
Overnight Cave Trekking Expedition In Soppong

Day 1
At 9.30 pick up from hotel in Pai and travel by car/minivan 30 min to Kewlom view point where we take a short break.
After continue another 30 minutes and stop at the Lod Cave, the most visited system of the area.
Here we will visit the 3 rooms of this outstanding limestone cave by bamboo raft with the aid of a local guide, that is gonna show us the most significant formations and the archelogical burial site of chamber 3 featuring the famous carved coffins in solid redwood logs(duration approx 2 hrs).
We will then continue to Maelana area(30 mins), check in at our Homestay/small Guesthouse and we will then ready explore the Coral Cave(45 mins),visit the village , get in touch with the locals.


Day 2
At 8.30 after breakfast we are ready to descend to Maelana Cave, an impressive 12 kms long cave system crossed by a subterrain river, an unique experience out of the normal beaten touristy routes(8 hrs walk/medium level difficulty).
Highlights of this trek are the astonishing calcite stalattite and stalagmite formations spread thru the tall rooms, the diverse fauna living in this delicate environment such as the famous blind fishes, and the picturesque underground waterfall.
Back to Pai after 1 hr drive, at around 7 pm .


2 people 6,000 Baht per person
3 people 5,400 Baht per person
4,8 people 4,800 Baht per person


all meals(breakfst, lunch 2x, dinner, drinking water,all entry fees for visiting the caves, accommodation, transportation, local guide and english speaking guide, headlight and waterproof bag.


Packing list
Change of clothes, towel, toilet kit, moquito spray , shoes, flipflop.
Proper shoes to be worn during the expedition.



Local sightseeing
Whistle stop tour

09.00 a.m. pick up
Mor Paeng waterfall and on for local teas at the Chinese village.
After this stop we will proceed to a Lisu and a Lahu hilltribe village, where you will get in contact with the inhabitants and learn about the origins and traditions of these people.
Leaving this area we will drive few more kilometres and stop to visit the less touristy and beautiful Pambok waterfall(we are the only one company in town showing this last one on the sightseeing tour!!!), Pai Canyon and the WWII Memorial Bridge before heading to the hot spring reserve(hot water pools with temperature between 60 to 80 Celsius),where the guide will explain the guests about this geological phenomenon; you will be then left the choice of enjoying some relaxing time at the mineral pool of the nearby resort(temperuture 35 Celsius).
Now, It will be time for an elephant ride (1h); it surely will result in the most hilarious experience of your life if you choose to go and play in the river with your mighty friend! If you’d rather keep dry, you will experience the climbing skills, the amazing balance and the speed of these pachyderms while riding them thru the jungle. After you can choose the option of bamboo rafting down the Pai river(1.30-2 hrs). On the way back to your accomodation, we will stop at Wat Maeyen temple on the hill for a sunset view over the valley.

Includes - all services and drinking water.
Packing list: Sun glasses, hat, sunscreen lotion, towel and dry change. Camera.

Capacity 2 people 3 people 4 people +
sight only 800 600 500
elephant ride +400 +400 +400
bamboo raft +500 +500 +500
mineral pool +100 +100 +100
all 1600 1400 1300
*Prices are in THB and per person

Cave Lod
Cave Lod is considered one of Thailand's most impressive caves, partly for its size, partly for its attractive limestone stalactite formations and partly for the unusual coffin cave hidden within the main cave.
In its entirety, cave Lod measures more than 1.5 km and the Lang River flows through more than half its length, giving the visitor the opportunity to float through on bamboo rafts; cruising along in the darkness, listening to and smelling the bats overhead, making it an unique experience.
A typical visit includes a float through part of the cave followed by climbing through other portions to see the coffin cave and a couple of other caverns. A complete visit takes about two hours depending on your pace. If you make your visit late afternoon(leaving from Pai at 3pm) at sunset thousands of bats fly out of the cave and 30,000 swifts fly in. This spectacle will be viewed at the exit to the cave and has to be seen to be believed.
2-4 per 2550 3000
5-8 per 3600 4000
9-12 per 5200 5500
Price: per 1 car or minivan
Includes: Includes all services

Elephant Riding
This is just an unforgettable experience. We offer you a variety of options:
- riding time from 1 up to 3 hour;
- riding bareback or on a seat;
- going through the jungle and/or down to the river to play, shower and swim with them.

We are now offering the option of a 1 day experience as an elephant Mahout: take care of this intelligent and docile animal, discover its habits, learn how to control, feed and wash it !!!

NOTE: We give the elephants free time to spend in the jungle when they are not required at the camp, which keeps them happy and content.

Riding Mahout Course
1 Hr 1H 30min 2 Hr 3 Hr 1 day
400B 500B 600B 700B 1500B
min 2 people  

Includes: Includes all services and drinking water   ( lunch for Manhout course).
Packing list: Sun glasses, hat, sunscreen lotion, towel and dry change. Camera.


1 day trek + 1 day raft


Day1   5 hrs. trek , an overnight with the tribe family.

09.30 am. we meet at our office or pick you up at ur guesthouse after breakfast and we proceed on our car in direction Soppong; stopping  half way (25 km) at the viewpoint for giving you the opportunity of taking pictures of the beautiful valley and the mountains crests covered by the morning mist.

After this little break we continue our journey until our destination where we will disembark and we start our trekking. In the first part of the trek we cross the farming area of the tribe, where we will have the possibility of seeing the locals working the garlic and the rice fields.  Our trek continues uphill, entering deeply the rainforest, where the guide will be pleased in explaining you about the abundant diversity of flora and fauna you will spot on the way. After a little stop at the summit of the hill for taking pictures of the emotional landscape, we continue past a pond secluded by a limestone cliff,where we will probably see water buffalos and other local cattle looking for some refreshment.  After a little while we will reach the waterfall where we will stop for the lunch break. Here you will have plenty of time to relax and playing in the water.  Once everyone is ready we continue downhill before the last little uphill part of the day; arrived on the top we will be able to see our destination of the day: the lahu village where we will spend the night, that we are gonna reach with an easy 45 walk with a little stop at the river at the bottom of the valley.  Arrived at the village, you will have plenty of time for relaxing, wandering,exploring and getting in contact with the local peoples and learn about their habits.

Just before dark you will enjoy the delicious local food the guide has prepared for you on the woodfire using the traditional and simple kitchenware  of the tribe, you will be also be given the oppurtunity to sustain the village’s economy thru buying cool softdrinks or beers from a small choice  the villagers have prepared for the group.You will spend the night in the basic bamboo hut provided by the hosting family(fully equipped of sleepingbags and mosquitonets for your comfort).

Day2   Rafting on the Khong and Pai River (45 km - 15 rapids).


8.30 am. Breakfast and transfer to the river ( 30m) by car ,safety briefing at the start rafting point , you will be given your life-jacket and helmet and  Start rafting on the Khong River to Suza waterfall, lunch at the Pai River junction.Enjoy Him Mong rapids, hotsprings, gorges.

Stop at National Park. Transfer to Mae Hong Son (15km) or back to Pai (2hr) .Arrive in Pai.

Price   2,800/p


Included : All equipment, food + snacks (veg menu on request), dry containers.


What to bring : Sandals, clothes, toilet kit, towel, mosquito spray, flash light, rain coat (if rainy season) and sun cream.